DIY experiment

I’ve been reading a number of fashion DIY blogs, and I decided to try my own simple DIY project.

Since lace and crochet seem to be big trends this season, I chose to sew some crochet trim onto a pair of plain shorts. The shorts are a pair of linen short shorts I purchased for about $6 from the Old Navy clearance racks, and the crochet trim is something my mom found in the basement.

Here are the shorts after completing one leg:

And here’s the finished product on me! Looks like I might need to do some ironing before I wear them in public though…

Also, sorry about the shitty camera skills, bad lighting, terrible background (my messy bedroom)….

Overall I’m pretty impressed with myself (maybe too impressed, haha). And even if I decide that I don’t like how the trim looks, I used a really simple stitch (I think the only one I know….), so it’d be easy to remove.

PS, I don’t know if you’re into DIY or just like reading them, but here are a few of my favorite DIY blogs (clicking the link opens the pages in a new tab):


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