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While I’m usually on campus between 9 am – 7 pm, all I want to do when I arrive home is get in bed with my laptop and watch a movie. Consequently, I’ve accumulated quite a few (rather diverse) movie recommendations. If you’re looking for something to watch, try one of these:

  • A Wednesday (2008). Director: Neeraj Pandey. In this Indian thriller film, a terrorist calls a police station to demand the release of 4 military prisoners or else he will detonate 5 bombs that he has placed around Mumbai. The police chief must decide whether or not the caller is bluffing, and how to quickly act to keep his city safe. Epic. Twist. Ending. The movie is in Hindi with somewhat spotty English subtitles (or at least for the Netflix version). I also couldn’t find a good trailer for this movie :(
  • The Man From Nowhere (2010). Director: Lee Jeong-beom. Starring: Won Bin. A Korean action/thriller/gangster film. Pawn shop owner Tae-sik leads a quiet life; his only friend is his neighbor, a little girl So-mi. When So-mi’s mother gets into trouble with drug traffickers, her daughter is kidnapped and the mysterious Tae-sik kicks into uber-crazy fighting skills mode (yeah, eloquent…), going to incredible lengths to rescue his friend. The action is a bit gory at times, but the plot is amazingly well written and Won Bin as Tae-sik is great. The best action film I’ve seen this summer.

  • Zero Day (2003). Director: Ben Coccio. One of the many post-Columbine era films. Two boys, Andre and Cal, through a series of video journals shot with a handheld video camera chronicle their plans to assault their high school on a spontaneous “zero day” named as such because they plan to carry out the shooting on the first day of the year that the temperature reaches zero degrees. It’s easy to judge these boys for what they did, but at the same it’s impossible not to partially understand where they were coming from…

  • La Belle Personne (The Beautiful Person) (2008). Director: Christophe Honore. Starring: Lea Seydoux, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Louis Garrel. After the death of her mother, 16-year old Junie transfers to her cousin Mathias’s high school. All the boys want to date her, but Junie chooses the quietest of them, Otto. However, she soon catches the eye of womanizing teacher, Nemours, and suddenly things get complicated. Tragedy ensues. I guess this movie isn’t quite as epic as the other three, but I really like Christophe Honore…. And everyone in his cast is gorgeous…

  • The Accused (1988). Director: Jonathan Kaplan. Starring: Jodie Foster, Kelly McGillis. One night in a bar, a woman, Sarah Tobias, is gang raped by three men. District attorney Kathryn Murphy reluctantly takes the case, considering it to be weak as Sarah is a working-class woman who has been labeled as promiscuous. Murphy ends up making a deal with the rapists, resulting in a shortened jail sentence, which enrages Tobias who believes that justice has not been done. However, when Tobias continues to be harassed on the street, Murphy agrees to revisit the case and prosecute the men who were witnesses and cheered on the rape.

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A friend once told me that all I eat is chocolate and cheese. I was both disturbed and amused to realize that he was right.
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