What’s on my bucket list

If I were to draft a bucket list, “see Jean Michel Jarre live” would be pretty high up on that list.

Jean Michel Jarre is a[n extraordinary] French musician who is considered one of the pioneers of electronic music. He became famous in the mid 70’s with his album “Oxygene” and has released 18 studio albums and 41 singles, selling 80 million copies worldwide. He currently holds the world record for the largest audience for a single concert (about 3.5 million people attended his concert celebrating the 850th anniversary of Moscow). He also plays the laser harp.

Jarre’s concerts are known to be theatrical, with full orchestras, light shows, and sometimes even fireworks. But, what has to be his coolest instrument/performance prop is the laser harp. The laser harp consists of several laser beams connected to a synthesizer such that the beams can be blocked to produce sounds, analogous to the plucking of a harp. It’s a harp. Except with lasers.

Here’s a clip of him live. Go to 4:00 if you just want to see the laser harp.

If you like the music, my favorite album of his is “Chronologie” – check it out :)


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