An apology, a promise, and some ways to kill time.

So I have a lot of drafts of blog posts that I’m writing, but sadly they’re still drafts because 1) I have two quizzes and a major exam this week 2) I got sick this weekend and am not quite mentally coherent and would rather spend my free time sleeping. This means that I might not be able to guarantee you guys a new post until this weekend, but I promise I’ll write some good ones soon!

Meanwhile, I’ll just share some links:

  • The Cornell Public Journal online archives. Read others’ confessions and submit your own. (Public Journal)
  • Great online shopping for vintage/handmade items. Everything from jewelry, to mugs, to geeky collectibles and quirky furniture. (Etsy)
  • A recipe for “Nutella pudding” that looks delicious that I must try soon (Nutella pudding)
  • Thirty books everyone should read before they’re thirty. How many have you read? (Thirty books)
  • NY Times food columnist Mark Bittman’s personal site. This man is wonderful. Look for recipes, cooking tips, delectable photos, etc. (Bittman blog)
  • A New York Magazine feature on Asian overachievers after they leave the academic setting. (Asians)
  • Balablok. A short animated video that I would call the cutest depiction of violence I’ve ever seen. (Balablok)
  • Look at picture of adorable baby animals. New pictures uploaded daily. (Squee)
  • Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Wikiquote page. His writing is ever so quotable. (Dostoevsky)

About evajge

A friend once told me that all I eat is chocolate and cheese. I was both disturbed and amused to realize that he was right.
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