Ready for Halloween 2011?

Halloween. For college students, it’s the one night (well, weekend) of the year when it’s totally acceptable (normal) for girls to dress like skanks, and guys to… take advantage of the fact that girls are dressed like skanks.

For girls, the idea seems to be to wear as little real clothes as possible, and as much makeup, feathers, glitter, etc. as possible. I expect to see tons of (slutty) cops, witches, cowboys, devils, felines (black cats, leopards, tigers, etc.), nurses, pirates, things with wings (angels, butterflies, bumblebees, fairies, etc.), Playboy bunnies, maybe some Disney princesses and Alice in Wonderland characters. Not that there aren’t any creative costumes. Last year some of my friends went as shopping bags from Target, Sephora, Forever 21, and Victoria’s Secret. They made their own costumes, and looked both adorable and unique.

I guess guys’ costumes tend to be a little less over-the-top but often more creative, and some of the better costumes I’ve seen have been guys’ costumes. At 2008 at the annual Risley Hall Masquerave I saw a really well-dressed Sweeney Todd, complete with bloody handkerchief tucked in his back pocket, and a No-face from the movie Spirited Away. That was creepy. He (she?) even walked up to people with little gold nuggets in his/her hand. Last year, my boyfriend, Tom, dressed up as one of the Scrooges from A Clockwork Orange, complete with false eyelashes and white pants that miraculously managed to stay white. The fake eyelashes, were fun, heheh.

If you’re going to be Sweeney Todd, please don’t actually carry a straight razor around… Especially if you plan to drink.

In the past I’ve gone as a gypsy, a disco ball, and a Led Zeppelin groupie with… varying levels of costume success. As for this year, I have no idea what I’m going to be yet. Will it be slutty? Probably, at least a little. Will it be creative? I hope. Will I have a good time regardless? I sure hope so.

What do YOU plan to be for Halloween this year? Any awesome ideas that I can borrow (steal)? Share in the comments below.


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A friend once told me that all I eat is chocolate and cheese. I was both disturbed and amused to realize that he was right.
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  1. Rob says:

    Rob will be Rob

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