The Lean In collection

The Lean In collection is a partnership between, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit organization, and Getty Images, the giant US stock photo agency. The argument is that we’ve all seen pictures of working women depicted as mothers (apron-clad and smiling, serving stacks of pancakes to their children), businesswomen (steely-eyed in sharp business suits holding a briefcase), and multitaskers (typing on a laptop with one hand while spoon-feeding a baby with the other), but these images only serve to enforce limiting stereotypes of women. The collection aims to challenge stereotypical images of women and to instead represent working women and their families in a more realistic and empowering way.

I’ve briefly browsed through the collection (which has been receiving some attention from new sources as well as sites such as Buzzfeed), and especially liked this one:

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 3.56.14 PMI like that the woman in the image is contemporary and stylish (love the sleeve tattoo and hipster glasses) without being overtly sexual. I like that she’s clearly a mother but that there’s nothing frumpy or stereotypically ‘matronly’ about her. And I like that she appears to be working because, you know, women work.

Check out the Lean In collection here:


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