Hi, I’m Eva. I’m a chemistry PhD student at Princeton University. In my chemistry-free hours, my interests include:

  • Miyazaki films
  • Baking lemon bars
  • Reading Steinbeck, Dostoyevsky, and the opinion pages of the NY Times
  • Drinking red wine and rye whiskey
  • Listening to sad songs (while working) or political podcasts (while running)
  • Long conversations during night walks around campus

I blog about anything and everything. A lot of the time it’s personal or related to my school and community, but I also like writing about pop culture, current events, and whatever else is on my mind at the moment.

Please comment or email me if you find any of my posts interesting!



2 Responses to About

  1. HaLin says:

    Glad to have discovered your blog, Eva!

  2. writingbolt says:

    That’s you in the lilac/mauve dress? Well the dress isn’t anything special, but you’re BEAUTIFUL!:) Nice curling of the hair, too.

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