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I’m not overdressed… everyone else is underdressed

One of the stereotypes about scientists is that they (we) all look like slobs. Think about your stereotypical nerd image (yes, I know not everyone fits a stereotype, but they do exist for a reason): clunky glasses, slacks that seem … Continue reading

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What makes a good student? And a good scientist?

I couple nights ago, I found myself in a familiar situation. It was 4:12 am, I still had a ton of work to left to do, but only a couple hours until I had to wake up for class. I … Continue reading

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It’s a scientist thing

Yesterday I told my brother a chemistry joke. I thought it was pretty funny, but he just shook his head and said, “I hate math and chemistry jokes. The only people who find them funny are mathematicians and chemists. And … Continue reading

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